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Digital Vision - Cine-2-Video / DVD

Digital Vision - Cine-2-Video / DVD

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Digital Vision

Digital Vision’s Cine film conversion to Video or DVD service is ideal for:

  • Restoring and converting cine film to modern video or DVD format
  • Gifts for special occasions – make someone smile with cherished memories on video or DVD

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Bring your cherished memories back to life!
Nowadays almost everyone owns a camcorder and capturing and playing back happy memories from disks and memory cards is easy. But up until just a few decades ago, the way we captured our memories was using a cine camera loaded with cine film, and that's something you can't play back on your computer or DVD player!
If you are one of the older generations whose memories are confined to rolls of cine film, or you have found films of your childhood that maybe your parents or grandparents made, then we can help with our Cine-2-Video or Cine-2-DVD services.
Digital Vision founder Elaine Laurie started her life as a videographer many years ago using a cine camera, so can boast the experience and expertise to handle your precious film.
Your cine film can be converted into almost any modern format video or DVD, either leaving the picture as it is, or editing parts of it, or enhancing it with your favourite music. If you are intending the film as a gift for a special occasion, we can add titles and messages for you, and finally, place it in an attractive presentation box.
We can also clean the cine film and make any necessary repairs, and all the work is done on the premises so you can feel relaxed in the knowledge your precious memories are in good hands.
Sit back and reminisce with your family about times past, or give the perfect gift of happy memories!

Digital Vision
Digital Vision
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